Ever have those moments where you feel a little sick to your stomach waiting for a meeting or phone call? Maybe you don’t even know why. Nothing’s really going wrong. Or maybe something is really going wrong.

Whatever it is, chances are, you’re over-reacting.

I find myself in this situation too often. My emotions will put me on a roller coaster. I’ll start to stress and get way too anxious about something.

Soon, my whole world is falling apart.

Rather than confront what’s going on, I’m a good avoider.

Black Friday shopping. Constantly refreshing Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Looking at newer, awesome cars. Trying to find a funny video.

All of those things provide the possibility for a quick hit of dopamine to make you feel better.

But they don’t solve anything.

Here’s a great secret I’m attempting to learn: do nothing.

Someone way smarter than me just told me that physiologically you can’t learn to be great at something if you don’t slow down and let yourself process.

So actually stop whatever you’re doing, turn everything off, and just sit there for a few minutes.

You’ll feel all the racing thoughts. Slow them down. Listen to the crazy ones. Dismiss them. And wait for a little bit of peace to ensue.

It may sound weird, but a little bit of positive self-talk goes a long way:

You’re ok. Your world isn’t falling apart. You’re going to get through it. It’s not that big of a deal. You’re good at what you do. You just need to walk through the process and it’ll work out. Don’t give up. You grow in process.

We live in a world that wants perfection, but there’s no such thing.

Everything is messy.

We’re all learning, growing, developing, and figuring things out. That’s an amazing opportunity.

If you don’t learn to enjoy the process, you’ll go crazy.

And you can’t enjoy the process and grow if you don’t slow down.

Turn off the TV. Turn off the background music. Turn off your phone. Close this page.

Just take a few minutes.

You’ll be ok.

photo credit: -KOOPS- via photopin cc