Anyone catch the Superbowl last night?


Packers won!
Close game.
Flubbed line in the National Anthem. Oops.
Great Canadian commercials instead of the crappy US ones (not).

Above all of that, though, the thing that stuck out most in my mind was the phenomenally bad sound/mix of the half-time show. Seriously, what were they thinking? All vocals – hardly any music other than a bit of beats. I’m wondering if the people that mix these shows don’t know these bands at all or listen to their music before doing this. It was really, really bad.

This brings me to a great tip for the studio that fits in with something you’re often told in life: hang around with the kind of people you want to be like. Or in the case of sound/studio/mixing: listen to the kinds of things you want to sound like.

If you’re working on a project of your own or for another band, listen to good examples of that kind of music/genre to know where you want to go. Also, if you’re going for a certain sound, dial up a track right beside your project and A/B between that and yours constantly to get closer to that sound. It will really help you in your project. Keep tweaking/experimenting until you get closer to that sound.

Wanna see an awesome half time show: