Ever notice some of the best businesses at doing something for others are terrible at doing it for themselves?

Like an IT company with bad wi-fi, an advertising agency that doesn’t market itself well, or a hairdresser with an awful haircut.

Is it that they couldn’t do better? Likely not.

But they don’t. Because they use the excuse they’re simply too busy.

Let me give you another example:

A social and digital consultant that doesn’t have the best social media presence.

Uh oh.

I kinda came to that realization today. I’ve helped a lot of businesses build their presence in social, but when I started looking at my own personally, it’s not great.

It’s not that it’s terrible. But not good enough.

I haven’t HAD TO be great at it personally in the past. Social was one of the many things I did so I relied on getting my foot in the door other ways.

But now that it’s in the forefront, I need to build a little more credibility by building up my own personal presence.

It’s really just a matter of having a plan then having the discipline to do it.

So here’s some of the ways I’m going to start by doing these 7 things every single day in particular order (these can help you, too):

  • Write a blog post
  • Share blog post on social networks
  • Search for new people to follow
  • Spend time just “listening”
  • Thoughtfully respond and share to people I follow
  • Read blogs of interest and share their content
  • Write some personal, fun stuff

So there you have it. My commitment.

Some of you people with huge followings, how did you build up your followers? Love some feedback. What am I missing? Or are you in an industry that doesn’t do what it sells well itself? Lemme’ know.

photo credit: MonsieurLui via photopin cc