Telling stories in a digital world Justin Reves Telling stories in a digital world Justin Reves

A Quick Intro

How does a guy from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada end up in the New York Times for starting an International Moose War with Norway or on a private tour of 30 Rock for dragging a life-size cutout of Jimmy Fallon around Regina or on the "Knight-Tron" in Vegas for the biggest sporting event in the city's history or join a NASCAR pit crew or work with Facebook's Live team? It started with a decade working in tech startups and both agency & private sector marketing before realizing what's possible using the new world of storytelling and social media.

That's why I started a VLOG, a tech YouTube channel, a Facebook Live show, an online content network, and then figured out how to use all of those to make a ton of noise in traditional media and the "real world". The truth is, I don't actually have a clue what I'm doing - but, by not being afraid to fail (and failing a LOT!), this very ordinary guy from a very ordinary place has managed to reach hundreds of millions of people and I've had more insane adventures than I would have ever imagined.


I love sharing stories from the heart that mix hilarious, impossible - yet true - first-hand experiences and insights from my time experimenting and failing in the new world. Equal parts education, entertainment, and inspiration, my talks always speak to the inherent feeling of being an underdog that lives in everyone. The talks give a dynamic, data-driven look into how the digital world is disrupting the norm and offers practical steps to move forward and embrace the change. I'm proud to work exclusively with the Lavin Agency for my speaking bookings.

Here's a clip from a speak a little while back:

My Stories

Facebook Live Show

It all started with a simple question, "Hey Greg, wanna start a Facebook Live show with me?" Two years later, after many different innovations and iterations, we were working with Facebook's own Live team and they were using this show in their examples of what's possible on Facebook Live.

#TJAGS in 1080p!

We’ve been away covering stories and we NEED to talk about the FIRST viral posts you remember; #StarWarsKid? Plus in honour of Ukraine electing a comedian as their new president, we choose which Canadian funny person we think would CRUSH at 24 Sussex Drive (that’s the Canadian version of the Whitehouse). Oh and we were gifted TONS of amazing? Japanese snacks we’ll try them on air and let you know our favs!

Tune in, have a blast, and win a Nintendo Switch! It’s EASY!

Posted by Justin and Greg on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

International Moose War

As seen in the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, BBC, and even Stephen Colbert, this is the video that started and International Moose War with Norway.

Moose Jaw Fights Back for Mac the Moose

MOOSE JAW has been DE-THRONED for having the WORLD'S LARGEST MOOSE and we the people of Saskatchewan CANNOT STAND FOR THIS!
UPDATE: Wanna help —>

Posted by Justin and Greg on Friday, January 11, 2019

YouTube Tech Channel

It all started with a Gary Vee book that led me to vlogging that led me to a YouTube tech channel that's gathered over 2 million views and close to 20,000 subscribers.

Rural Uber

When Saskatchewan started talking about Uber coming, we had to re-imagine what it would be. 11 million views later...

Rural Uber

When your country friend books an Uber...

Posted by Justin and Greg on Friday, June 22, 2018

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