You likely already know this, but Facebook does not show your Page’s posts to everyone who likes the page.

If they showed every post to every fan of every page, our Facebook feeds would be 90% business junk and very few posts from our friends (although when there’s an election close, that maybe wouldn’t be a bad thing).

Facebook decides to show posts from your page to a select few that like your page.

What’s important to know is that Facebook shows your posts to more of your fans if you consistently put out good content or, on the opposite side, will show it to a much smaller percentage of your fans if you aren’t consistently putting out good content.

How does it know? Likes, Comments, Clicks, and Shares.

And why does this matter? Because posts that don’t engage your audience mean that when you do have a good post, it will get shown to fewer of your fans.

So you may think that you’re helping yourself by at least putting something out there as opposed to nothing, but if you notice that your content isn’t generating those Likes, Comments, Clicks, or Shares, you should stop what you’re doing.

You’re lessening your chance to naturally reach your audience with every post.

Sure, you can force your content on people by using that Boost button and paying for it, but if you need a 1,000 paid views to generate a couple of Likes, I’d venture a guess that the content you’re putting out there really isn’t effective.

Your audience has given you a huge gift in their permission for you to reach out to them. Don’t take this privilege lightly. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your business to connect with people without them having to step foot in your store or visit your website. Businesses before social media rarely had this opportunity without paying.

Example Time

I manage the social media for the church I attend. That may seem very different than a business, but it’s still a large group of consumers that I’ve seen only interact with good content. In fact, in some ways, getting shares or likes can be more of a challenge because it’s actually a lot more socially-acceptable to share a Tasty video or Super Bowl half-time show than something from your church (obviously, like every cause or political group, there are the select few that can’t share enough stuff from obscure blogs). But it’s still a fantastic, engaged community – but I make sure to keep it that way by providing content they can enjoy and share.

So we have 790 Likes on our Page.

I tallied up the average Reach (how many people see our posts) for our last 20 posts. I’d say a very, very solid goal for any business or organization is 20-25% if they have 1,000 followers or less. Meaning, if you have 1,000 Likes, your posts should average 200-250 people reached.

Our average people reached? 1206. That’s 153% reach.


Granted, I did have 1 post that reached 9,200 people in there. If I take that one out, I’m at 99.5% reach for 19 posts.

How is this possible? I know what the community wants and I’m very, very protective over what we post.

For every 1 announcement, “sell”, or “ask” that we need to make, I’m trying to provide 9 other pieces of content that I believe our community will love.

Granted, they’re not all winners because that’s impossible to know, but even the “losers” are 15% reach and there’s a lot of winners.

And if I’m having a busy week where I haven’t had time to create a great piece or two of content, I certainly don’t just throw something in the mix that took me 2 minutes to find because I think I need to be active.

The great thing about social media is your followers stay there even when you’re quiet.

So kinda like your mother always said, “If you don’t have something good to post, don’t post anything at all”