Things I hear that make me cringe to no end:

“You can post twice a day to Facebook.”

“We should setup a social media calendar.”

“You should post X number of times in a month.”

Part of why they make me cringe is I know they’re things that I’ve said in the past. And maybe that was true in the past.

But all of those ideas are incredibly misguided in today’s social world.

They’re missing the point completely and likely utterly destroying your reach on Facebook. (great blog post in there)

Here’s the proper advice for your Facebook posts:

The only time you should post to Facebook is when you have a quality piece of Facebook content to post

You probably didn’t click the link above so let me re-cap it in a nutshell for you:

  1. Facebook does not show your posts to everyone who likes your page – only a percentage
  2. Facebook decides that percentage based on how much interaction you get from your posts – Likes, Shares, Comments & Clicks
  3. If your content really resonates with your audience and they interact with it, they will increase the percentage
  4. If your posting content that you get 1 or 2 Likes on and that’s it, they will continue to show it to less and less of the people that like your Page

So, let’s take some examples of pages I’ve seen. One company I know posts every single day on Facebook because someone told them they could. They have around 800 Likes on their Facebook page. But their content is just links to other people’s articles and no one cares so each of their posts only gets shown to about 40 people and garners maybe 1 or 2 Likes.

What a giant waste of both the author and follower’s time.

Not only is there no interaction, but there’s also no brand-building happening.

No competitive advantage, creativity, or personality being shown.

Let’s talk about at another example (again, these are real-life examples – I’m just not going to out them publicly) where a Facebook page posts once a week. The content, though, isn’t a sell message, but a piece of content that they’ve created for their community that’s high quality and is based on the best kinds of content for Facebook:

  1. Photos with a great sentence or two caption
  2. Short video uploaded directly to Facebook (never linked from YouTube or Vimeo)
  3. Link to a blog article that they wrote

In their case, they also have around 800 Likes on their Facebook page.

Wanna guess how many of the 800 people see their posts? 2,700.

Yes, an average of 338% of their followers see their posts.

Why? Their community is sharing the heck out of it because they love the content.

Now, the content was a lot more work to create than the first example, but they’re actually seeing the value of being present on the platform.

Over the last 7 weeks, they posted 10 times and saw 27,000 people reached.

If you took the first example’s math, they would’ve posted way more – maybe 35 times but would’ve seen only a couple thousand reached.

And it’s not just about reach – it’s about the impression you left.

So put in the work and create quality pieces of original content.

Or else do us all a favour and stop posting. We already have enough junk we don’t care about in our Facebook feeds :).