There’s a lot of pressure on businesses to be active the digital and social world. So much so that a lot of marketers are feeling forced into being in everything and rarely seeing the value of anything.

That’s because doing something well in the digital & social space takes a lot of time.

There’s no shortcuts.

It’s easy to get excited, sign up for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, spin up a new blog, and buy that fancy theme for your new website you’re planning to launch.

But unless you have an incredible amount of time & self-discipline on your hands, there’s no way you’re going to make an impact across all those spaces.

I hope we’re all past the idea that you can simply launch Hootsuite, write something less than 140 characters, and push it out to your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Or that you’ve connected your Twitter & Facebook to your Instagram account so it automates the sharing of your awesome pics.

Those right there are really bad ideas.


Because they’re selfish – they don’t keep your audience in mind.

People are on Instagram for a different reason than they’re on Twitter which is a different reason that they’re on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube.

Your posts should be written with them in mind – not you.

But that’s impossible when you’ve got 10 properties you feel like you need to keep good content flowing through. You can’t keep up with the knowing of what makes good content on every one of those channels.

People won’t engage if they’re not being spoken to in the right way, your following won’t grow, people won’t share your content, and you’ll end up discouraged.

So narrow it down to 1, 2, or 3, and start knocking out some great content. You can always add more channels later.

But if you don’t, you’ll start with 10 and within a short time have 0 because you won’t see any results.