Alright, time for a good rant! Guitarists, your awesome amp stack could be the sole reason that people don’t like your band.

But I love my Dual Rectifier and it’s 100W of tubey goodness!!!

So do I. I just hate it when you bring it to a show at a club or other small to medium sized venue and so does everyone else whether they know it or not. Here’s why.

Guitar amps (especially tube ones) loved to be pushed. They sound good when the power starts kicking in and making the amp and speakers work. The problem with big, powerful amps and lots of speakers in a stack is that they get extremely loud when they are turned up (Rock & Roll!!!).

That’s bad for you because now your amp is cranked and the other people in the band can’t hear themselves. Suddenly everyone’s not only playing louder, but they need all of their monitors cranked to hear what’s going on. What all of this results in is a muddy, messy and very loud monitoring mix blasting everyone in the club before the sound guy can even turn up the PA. People are not going to think your band is awesome when this is the case.

Frankly, you now sound terrible and there’s really nothing the sound guy can do. It’s already so loud that if he turns on the house and tries to mix it, it’s going to be way too loud. He will also be fighting to just try and fix the disgusting mess that is coming from the stage and won’t have a hope at a good mix. Your band only ever sounds as good as the mix out there

Let the soundman do his job and mix you. I know it’s not as fun when you can’t crank your amp but it’s also not fun when the audience can’t enjoy your band.

The best solution? A low wattage tube amp. You can get real tube overdrive/distortion at a volume you can have a conversation over. You can get the tone you want and then the soundman can mic it and mix it in. That is what he is there for. When you make it big and are playing an arena, then you can bring out your monster.