If you came up on the short end of the Christmas-gift-name-picking stick and now have one of those really annoying teenage (or millennial-still-living-at-home) nieces or nephews to buy something for, lemme’ help you out. Hop online or head over to the 22Fresh Locker Room and grab a recommend below.

I even wrangled an extra 22% off through December 11th! Use the code JUSTIN online or in-store!!


#AroundYQR is a project I started to highlight the many cool, local spots I’ve discovered in my wanderings around Regina. We’d be crazy not to support local and we have a ton of amazing people doing some seriously good work.

Quick back-story: 22Fresh was started by Kip, a good Regina-born entrepreneur and one of the owners at Captive Audience. He played some pretty serious college baseball in the States (he’s built like a tank) and that mixed with his entrepreneurial skills led him to start a sports fashion brand.

He’s a friggen’ unicorn in that he’s a jock with a serious sense of style. Thankfully his hair is thinning a little so I don’t 100% hate him.


Anyway, the brand has some serious pretty serious backers in the likes of Darian Durant (CFL), Michael Morse (MLB), and Boyd Gordon (NHL).

But even for a guy like me who ducks and runs at any sign of physical activity, I like a lot of their stuff.

I gave away a lot of it during my VLOG run and I can tell you that a lot of kids in high school dig it. Which it’s almost impossible to find anything that cool high school kids dig.

Now, the stuff isn’t cheap. But that’s what makes it a great gift. It’s really, really high quality stuff that most kids in high school aren’t buying every day. It’s special.

So without further adieu, here’s a few great picks for people on your list:

Fresh Balls – $29.99 CAD

Yup, I’m going right to the gitch. Every year my mom buys me a pair of SAX – another really expensive pair of underwear that I’d never buy myself. And I love them so much. If you’ve got a guy on your shopping list – regardless of age – this will become the pair they look forward to wearing every time it gets out of the wash.

Crazy comfortable and they don’t ride up like some other previously-mentioned gitch…


Any Hat or Toque – $29.99-$39.99

Seriously, I haven’t met a 22Fresh hat or toque I didn’t like. They’re all good.


Douglas Long-Sleeve Tall Tee – $63.00

You’re probably freaking out right now with the idea that a t-shirt is $63. Like I said, it’s not for everyone. But this is – without a doubt – my new favourite tee I’ve ever worn. And I’ve got about 10 of these “tall” T’s that are extra long and scooped. This one is the best. Perfect weight for fall/winter/spring and it flatters you.

This one fits and feels so nice. It’s a splurge but it makes me feel way more muscly than I actually am.



Beast Mode hoodie – $69.99

I’ve wanted this hoodie ever since I first laid eyes on it. Something ironic about a skinny guy like me buying it and that’s why I love it so much.


Defense Stick AKA 22Fresh Bat – $109.99

This one is maybe the more-grown-up gift because every man clearly needs a bat beside the bed for when their teenage daughter’s boyfriend tries sneaking in the window. Problem is that your wife won’t let you keep that old rusted Louisville Slugger there anymore. The 22Fresh bats are so nice, she’ll probably want it hung above the bed.

Or if you actually know someone serious about playing baseball, these things are the real deal…