Facebook. It’s kinda a big deal. Almost 2 Billion users.

22 million in Canada.

690,000 in Saskatchewan

170,000 in the Regina area.

That’s about 75% of our city on Facebook.

Granted, they’re not all going to be active, but A LOT of them are.

Not only are they “active”, but they spend A LOT of time on Facebook. (Canadians spend more time online than anyone else…probably because it’s SO FREAKIN’ COLD)

More than that, Facebook is a great tool because, with the click of a button, they’re sharing. And that’s great because you’re 4X more likely to sell through a referral.

The problem is that most businesses treat Facebook like a sales tool and they self-destruct. Quickly.

Frankly, that’s a whole other topic that is covered RIGHT HERE (Hint: one of the best articles on when to post to Facebook ever).

Anyway, back to my main point, here’s the main thing that will tell you if you’re actually doing a good job on Facebook.

It’s All About Your Follower to Reach Ratio

It doesn’t matter if you have 150 or 150,000 followers, what you want to know is how many of your followers see your posts.

Remember, Facebook only shows your posts to a percentage of the people that Like your Page. Knowing this percentage is the best feedback you can get.

If you’re doing a good job of your content, they’ll show it to a high percentage. If you aren’t, they’ll only show it to a few.

It’s all about that percentage.

Here’s Your Mostly Simple Math

On your Facebook Page, in the top white bar, click on that “Insights” button. Scroll down and you’ll see Your 5 Most Recent Posts.


There’s a column with “Reach” which is how many times it was shown to your followers. The lighter orange bar is Organic (non-paid). If you’re paying to Boost posts, it’ll be part dark orange. Mouse over the bar if you’re unsure and it will tell you Organic (non-paid) vs Paid. Ignore that dark orange Paid stuff because anyone can pay for reach.

Add up your Organic Reach for the last 5 posts. In the example above, it would be 23,300 (rounded up).

Divide by 5 to give us an average: 4,652.

Now divide by the number of Page Likes you have. My page has 2,064 as of this writing.

2.25. Let’s make that a percentage 225%.

My last 5 posts have reached 225% of my audience.

Remember, because people can share posts on Facebook, you can reach a lot more people than just your followers.


Where you want to be

Now, 225% isn’t typical for me, but I had a couple of very successful posts in there.

I’d say I’m usually in the 80%-120% range, but high quality videos like my VLOGs are going to do pretty well. I’m also not a business.

However, if you create high-quality content for Facebook, you’re not going to be far off.

I just grabbed the stats from a client of mine who we’ve been working with on their social media game for about 6 months now. Their last 5 posts?

137% – and they have thousands of followers (the more followers, the harder this is to do).

It takes time of consistently putting out great content to get numbers anywhere close to 100%, but that needs to be your goal!

You want your content to be so good that Facebook is showing it consistently to most, if not all of your followers.

Here’s your scorecard – would love if you’d share where a Page you help manage is at!

100%+ – Your Page is KILLING It – Don’t Change an Thing

65-100% – You’re putting out EXCELLENT content. Just think about more opportunities inside the content to invite interactions.

40-75% – You’re still doing a VERY GOOD job. Content is resonating – you just might need slightly better visuals or more to your stories.

20-40% – Your content is GOOD. But you may be too frequent or you need to up the quality of the posts.

7-20% – Chances are you have the odd post that does good, but most are OK at best. Time to tweak the strategy.

0-7% – STOP what you are doing. Don’t post anymore until you come up with a new approach to social because it’s not working.