his seems to be a question we get a LOT these days:

How the (random expletive) did YOU GUYS end up being on the jumbotron in Vegas as the intro for the Stanley Cup Finals?!

And no, we’re not hurt by the shock that it’s us who did it. We agree. It’s insane.

Two guys from their basement in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, record a video that the entertainment capital of the world uses for the last game of their cinderella run to the Stanley Cup.

Not Cher. Not Britney. Not Thunder Down Under. Justin & Greg.

Leading the charge on the “KnightTron” and also in the locker room for the players stepping out on the ice.

While definitely one of the most-incredible things we’ve ever been a part of, if we gave you the exact blueprint to replicate it, I’m not sure you’d take it.

Because it requires failing. Publicly. A lot.

Between the two of us, we’ve put out somewhere in the neighbourhood of 600 videos over the past 3 years.

One of those has been on a jumbotron and 599 of them haven’t.

Now, there’s been some other heavy hitters in there like Rural Uber with 10 million viewsthat the CEO of Uber loved, Rural Directions with 3 million views, FUN interviews with professional athletespoliticiansTV stars, and more.

But those are the exception, not the rule.

How about the time we tried to get Gerry Dee, a high-profile Canadian comedian on our show? We spent all day making a video and bought $400 in VIP tickets, only to have security stop us at the door coming in and say, “Justin and Greg?” (we thought we were IN!) “There will be no cameras, no filming, don’t talk to Gerry, we know where your seats are, and we’re watching you.”

That was embarrassing.

Or how about us spending DAYS making a tribute rap video to L.A. Gear, writing the lyrics, recording the raps, filming, and editing – oh, and yes, hundreds of dollars in L.A. Gear shoes. It’s got a coooool 245 views on YouTube and just over 5,000 on Facebook – most of which came from us spending money on ads.

Take that, world.

Even going back to my first ever VLOG. It’s bad. Like, real bad. Blurry, out-of-focus, no story, I can hardly talk to the camera. Not a good effort.

But I published it anyway.

And that’s the crux of finding “success”. We often only see those highlights because they’re the ones that make the news.

There’s always so many failures behind-the-scenes that you don’t see.

The problem is that you can’t avoid the failures because, not only are they a part of the process, but sometimes it’s those exact public failures that directly lead to the biggest successes.

You never know who’s watching, who sees something you do, that sparks an idea, that leads them to show it to someone else for some reason, that opens a door you never thought possible.

For us, that’s how we did what we did. We just tried a TON of stuff, didn’t let the fear of failure or humiliation (which is always present) hold us back, and we went for it.

And when things go wrong, we just pick ourselves back up and keep going.


If you want to do something cool, start by doing the uncool:

Publish. Fail. Learn. Iterate. Publish. Fail. Learn. Iterate. Publish.

Over and over and over again.

If you follow that simple formula, you’re going to change the world.