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How to be a decent human being on Snapchat

June 27, 2016 Social Media, Work Life
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Snapchat is definitely my favourite social network right now. I love it because it’s real, authentic stories are…

A Better Cup of Coffee in 2 Minutes with an Aeropress

February 26, 2016 Creativity, Work Life
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Ditch your Keurig. That coffee is terrible and doesn’t satisfy. It’s almost as fast to use an AeroPress…

Sometimes Pride is the Price of Learning

October 28, 2015 Life Thoughts, Photography, Work Life
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We live in a society that’s obsessed with the idea of status. This idea that you really need…

Feedback Sucks. And it’s How You Grow.

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There’s nothing quite like putting yourself out there, and then – provided you have good people around you…

How Much is Enough?

October 2, 2015 Life Thoughts, The Journey, Work Life
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a pile of broken clocks

We think lots about how much we make at work. But do you ever stop to think how much your…

Success is not Based on You – It’s Based on What You Believe About You

May 26, 2015 Life Thoughts, Work Life
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This really isn’t intended to be some artificially-uplifting post about “believing in yourself”. It’s just something that I’ve…