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Doing the Impossible is Easy: Fail. A Lot.

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his seems to be a question we get a LOT these days: How the (random expletive) did YOU…

Social is The Great Online Party. Don’t be Larry.

February 13, 2017 Social Media, Strategy
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Have you ever met that super-creepy guy at a party who splits his time between talking about how…

On Your Facebook Page, Posting Nothing is Better than Posting Something

February 11, 2016 Social Media, Strategy
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You likely already know this, but Facebook does not show your Page’s posts to everyone who likes the…

Worked Hard. Doubled My Followers. Now Hate Twitter.

January 28, 2015 Social Media, Strategy, The Journey
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If you would have looked at my Twitter a month and a bit ago, you would have seen…

Your 15 Second YouTube Ads Are Likely a Giant Waste of Money

January 13, 2015 Social Media, Strategy
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Nothing makes you say, “Gah…” quite like getting the 15 second ad on YouTube that you can’t skip….

Does Every Business Actually Need Social Media?

December 22, 2014 Social Media, Strategy
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I believe we’re coming to a time where we will see a lot of businesses exit social media…