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Most Companies Don’t Have the Courage to Be Good on Social

September 6, 2018 Small Business, Social Media
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In this new social media world, you simply cannot create great content without RISK. Here’s the problem: on…

Doing the Impossible is Easy: Fail. A Lot.

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his seems to be a question we get a LOT these days: How the (random expletive) did YOU…

2 Videos. 10 MILLION Views. 0 Dollars Paid. 3 Keys to Video for Social.

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People say really silly things like, “Facebook is pay to play.” or “Organic reach is dead.” Meaning, if…

Is Facebook Organic reach down? Not yet. It’s just being reported more accurately.

February 21, 2018 Small Business, Social Media
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We’re AMAZED how many people say Facebook is “pay to play”. It’s absolutely not. Now, if you’re trying…

Tips for Better Facebook Live

March 31, 2017 Small Business, Social Media
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Facebook Live is HOT! So we’re talking both presentation and technical tips for upping your game when you’re…

Social is The Great Online Party. Don’t be Larry.

February 13, 2017 Social Media, Strategy
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Have you ever met that super-creepy guy at a party who splits his time between talking about how…