#AroundYQR is a mini project where I’m highlighting some great coffee shops & local restaurants as suggested by you guys. See them all right here.

Probably the closest thing to getting inside someone’s head is to go inside the coffee shop they own.

In the case of “Dr. Coffee” (AKA Annabel, the owner), I would say the inside of her Brit brain is very, very…unique (in a good way!).


Honestly, when you step inside Dr. Coffee’s Cafe, it’s simply like no other coffee shop you’ve been in.

It’s very, very purple.

And turquoise.

DrCoffee-11Which is so different from the either super-modern or super-rustic coffee shops you find these days.

But having grown up in a small town in Northeastern England, I guess we shouldn’t expect Annabel to create coffee shop like what we’re used to.

She and her husband moved their family here 4 years ago.

And so this place is definitely one-of-a-kind.

She’s a mom of two so she wanted to create a space that was friendly for families.

That’s why there’s awesome little kids toy section dubbed the “Kid Zone”.

Having 3 kids 3 & under, I can appreciate that as we’ve gone to other places where we’ve been greeted with dirty looks when you show up with a couple of car seats and a toddler.

She also apparently loves reading as she spent 12 years in post-secondary getting her Phd (which is technically in geography but her thesis was all about coffee).

So you’ll find a ton of books in here. Some for free/swap and some for sale.

DrCoffee-9She’s also got lots of other great local products and art on display around.

The overall feeling is kinda bizarre and eclectic which not everyone is going to connect with, but I think there’s a group of people that will fall in love with this place.

I guess back to the real reason for a coffee shop: coffee (and something to go with it).

DrCoffee-6My americano was good.

Honestly, I was surprised at how good.

I had been here before and my drink was mediocre, but it was a busy Saturday morning right after they opened where I could tell they were still figuring things out.

I’d say they’ve found their groove now.

They source a good chunk of their beans from The Green Spot as well as small batches that Annabel roasts herself.

There’s also enough other fresh baking, soups, and sandwiches to fill a variety of holes in your stomach.

I just can’t quite nail down the feeling I had when I was there.

It honestly felt like I was in a different world that I’m not familiar with.

It wasn’t chic European. It wasn’t rustic American.

It was. Different.

And honestly: I loved it.

You can find Dr. Coffee downtown on 2425 11th Ave, online at drcoffeescafe.com or various social medias.