#AroundYQR is a mini project where I’m highlighting some great coffee shops & local restaurants as suggested by you guys. See them all right here.

Being the ripe old age of 29, I swear Stone’s Throw has been here for forever – apparently it’s just since 1996 – but it’s definitely one of the longest-standing shops in the city.

I didn’t actually ask what the name means but I’m just going to say it’s because it’s just stone’s throw away from the U of R.


And I don’t want to be reminded I’m almost 30 by being the elder-statesman in any place so I’ve generally been avoiding this place figuring it would be clogged with fresh-faced university kids and maybe some trendy-boot-wearing, bearded, top-bun-rockin’ hipsters .

But new(ish) owner, Kim and her husband have been working hard to make this an inclusive spot for the entire community.

They had to outlaw some things – no more bringing your own warmed-up tuna casserole for lunch.

But it’s working with people from every generation stopping in for a coffee and hang-out.

They bought the shop about a year and a half ago and have been putting their own personal touches like reclaimed wood everywhere from the Moosomin/Whitewood area, a beautiful pew from White Bear First Nation, and cool knick-knacks.

It feels pretty awesomely rustic and cozy.

But I think the best change is that they’ve swapped all the food over to being made fresh right out of their kitchen – except for special Nanaimo Bars from a secret location and bread from Northgate Bakery.

Pretty much everything you see here is made in-house.

Seriously, buy one of their granola bars – unbelievable.

My Latte Breve was solid, too.

I think the key word here is community, though.

You can tell they really care about creating a place with feeling. The corner with a bookshelf full of books. The wall of random artwork. The heavily worn, but clean floors.


It all adds up to some really good vibes from really good people.

So if you haven’t been here in a while, stop by.

The picture of the Octopus is awesome!