The Easiest Way to Know if Your Facebook Page is Actually Doing Well

December 15, 2016 Analytics, Social Media
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Facebook. It’s kinda a big deal. Almost 2 Billion users. 22 million in Canada. 690,000 in Saskatchewan 170,000 in…

#AroundYQR: Get Fresh for Christmas

December 6, 2016 Around Regina
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If you came up on the short end of the Christmas-gift-name-picking stick and now have one of those…

Comparison is the Silent Killer

September 19, 2016 Business, Inspiration, Life Thoughts
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There is nothing that kills every ounce of creativity quite like comparison. Well, at least the wrong kind…

Dealing with Angry Customers on Social is Like a 19-Inning Blue Jays Marathon

July 7, 2016 Social Media
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I’m sorry if you don’t like sports, or, especially, baseball, but stick with me here – I think…

How to be a decent human being on Snapchat

June 27, 2016 Social Media, Work Life
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Snapchat is definitely my favourite social network right now. I love it because it’s real, authentic stories are…

No, you shouldn’t post to Facebook twice a day

May 12, 2016 Social Media
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Things I hear that make me cringe to no end: “You can post twice a day to Facebook.” “We…