I don’t disagree that the internet is dangerous. It is.

But some of the most dangerous tools are also the most powerful.

And the amount of free knowledge available to help you discover a passion or creativity is far and away my most favourite part.

With some YouTube, reading blogs, and lots of practice, I honestly don’t know if there is anything you can’t learn.


I’m really, really not trying to make this a humble brag, but a year ago I knew nothing about taking pictures. I could turn on the dSLR I had bought and turn off the flash. That was about it.

Today, I had a grand total of 5 minutes – literally, first test shot was 10:50 and last was 10:55 – to take a few shots of a family. No sexy location – just a lawn in front of a building. And I think they turned out pretty awesome.

I’m not saying they are the greatest photos in the world – you may even think they’re terrible – but I’m personally proud of how they turned out.

And that’s what matters.


Now, the credit for that has very little to do with me. I think I have a bit of an eye for photography, but the actual know-how of making this happen is all due to some incredibly generous people on the internet.

See this guy with the ridiculous fro? His named is Jared Polin – aka The Fro – and I really, really appreciate him. He’s a professional photographer turned internet celebrity that gives away a ton of knowledge about photography. I’d say 80% of what I’ve learned in the past year is from his YouTube channel.

It’s people like him that give us all a chance to become better at finding life and creating cool stuff.

So yes, the internet is full of people doing a lot of horrible stuff, but it’s also full of opportunity to find something you love.

Take a few minute break from your Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat or those depressing news sites and start digging into something you think you’d like to know more about.

Who knows what you’ll find and start creating.


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