There’s nothing quite like putting yourself out there, and then – provided you have good people around you – you start receiving a bunch of “feedback” or “constructive criticism”.

For 99% of us, this “feedback” doesn’t feel nice.

Because we all want whatever it is we’ve done to be perfect on the first go-around.

Unfortunately, life’s not quite like that.

So you’re left with a few options.

  1. Don’t put yourself out there
  2. Tell yourself that these people are idiots and don’t know what they’re talking about
  3. Wallow in self-pity and feel horrible about yourself

Ok, those aren’t the only options, but I’d say they are the most common.

Me, if I’m honest, typically resort to 3 and then usually 1.

But then I remind myself that feedback is a gift that helps us grow very, very quickly.

When we take good feedback and work at something, we get better at it than we were yesterday.

And the more you put yourself out there for feedback, the more your crowdsource your growth!


I’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel for some time, but I could never quite pull the trigger on “putting myself out there”. I finally did with a video about the first thing you should know after you buy a digital SLR. Don’t watch the video yet – it’s just a picture for the story – keep reading then come back!

Honestly, I thought the video wasn’t half-bad. But then I put it out there to my friends on Facebook!

Ok, honestly, you’ll see 95% of it was really nice things that people said. But it’s really, really hard – and in fact dangerous – to always just focus on the positives. Because there were some excellent, excellent bits of feedback in there:


What’s crazy is that this really kind feedback actually hurt! Everyone was trying to help, but my own ego wanted everything to be perfect. And it really wasn’t.

So after a few hours of processing through what everyone said, I dug deep, and I decided I was going to put out a better product.

So here it is, having gone from 9 minutes to just under 4 with less distraction, better lighting, and more visual examples.

This is the power of what happens when you work with feedback! You get way, way better results.

And I was on a roll so I made 6 other videos last night. ‘Twas a late night, but I was charged! Still am if you can’t tell…

Don’t fear the feedback! It’s for your benefit!

photo credit: Jerry in the sugar isle face down via photopin (license)

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