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Entrepreneurial? Learn Some Basic Web Coding

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Basic HTML coding

The last 4 weeks I’ve been contracting for a software company that is launching a new version of…

Being Sick Can Kill You

December 21, 2014 The Journey, Work Life
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Ah yes, a nice melodramatic title. But one that feels fitting considering the last week I’ve had of…

What Makes a Great Client Relationship

December 10, 2014 The Journey, Work Life
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I’m on a journey to figure out what I want to do with my life since quitting my…

What To Do When You’re Dreading Something

November 27, 2014 The Journey, Work Life
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Relaxing on the beach.

Ever have those moments where you feel a little sick to your stomach waiting for a meeting or…

It’s Been a Rough Day

November 6, 2014 Work Life
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Bad Days at Work

Some days are just bad days at work. Maybe you get yelled at for forgetting to do something….