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Vlogging is Reality TV 2.0

April 4, 2016 Business, Social Media, Video
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If you don’t really “get” vlogs, you’re not alone. But you’re also probably not 8-22 years old. I…

Is the Nikon D5500 a Good Vlogging Camera?

March 6, 2016 Creativity, Video
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I’ve been wanting to experiment a little bit more with vlogging. I love Casey Neistat and his YouTube…

Audio Technica ATR-6550 Review

February 23, 2016 Reviews, Video
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If you’re looking to take the audio quality of your videos up a notch, a little shotgun mic…

Rode SmartLav+ Review

December 17, 2015 Reviews, Video
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We’re talking (literally) Rode Smart Lav+. A great option for around $100 that gives you wireless lavalier capabilities…