#AroundYQR is a mini project where I’m highlighting some great coffee shops & local restaurants as suggested by you guys. See them all right here.

Some people are born with the disease of serial entrepreneurship.

While it’s not for everyone, we should all be thankful that Tim and Abbey got it. And that they got it young.

If you don’t know them, they bought into Atlantis Coffee when they were 22 years old – 10 years ago this April.


And then they opened Flip in 2011.

And then they opened Malt City in 2015 (fantastic article if you click that link by the way).

And now they’ve just opened another Atlantis Coffee on 11th Ave – right across from The Bay doors.

It’s local people like this that mean we get more diversity and don’t have to eat at Applebee’s for every night out.


And Atlantis has always delivered on making some fantastic cups of coffee.

If you think a Tim Horton’s triple/triple is the ultimate cuppa’ joe, you might want to steer clear (or buy a juice).

But if quality drinks from well-trained baristas is your thing, it’s nice for North-downtowners to have another option than the mall.

I’ve always appreciated how they’ve done things differently.


I’m a fan of 49th Parallel – the coffee roasters from Vancouver that supply the espresso they use.

Pairs really well with milk in a dry cappuccino – my personal favourite from here.

AtlantisOn11th-1If you’re a coffee purist and bringing a friend to sit down, grab a chemex (kem-ex) AKA a pour-over. Won’t disappoint. Takes a few minutes longer to brew, but it yields a few beautiful cups of coffee.

There’s also a ton of sandwiches, wraps, breakfast stuff, non-coffee beverages and goodies.

It’s always a challenge opening a new coffee shop because you’re changing one of people’s most important habits – coffee.

But I really hope they do well.

In talking with Tim, he said something like for every $1 you spend on a local business, $3 goes back into the community.

I didn’t check the source to make sure it wasn’t a Facebook-shared meme, but I really want to believe him so I’ll just write it.

And between their 4 stores, they’ve got over 100 staff employed. That I do believe.

So. Let’s do our part, support our local friends, and stop by Atlantis on 11th if we’re in the area.


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