Monday, June 27, 2011

New Bass Day: Fender American Deluxe Precision V

I'm a happy camper. Picked this up on the weekend used locally here. Just got to play it for the first time on Sunday and it rocked my socks. Better review soon, but the gist of the bass is that it is a 5-string P Bass with 2 Jazz Bass pickups in the bridge as well. Gives an incredible range of tones.


  1. no, not 2 jazz bass pickups in the bridge, it is a special design fender humbucker pickup originally designed for roscoe beck, the pickup is no where near the 5 string jazz pickup or two of them put together, at the same time this pickup is wired in series by default and is a humbucker. I had this bass in 1999 with 4 bolt neck 9v preamp and one in 2004 with 18v 3 tone burst with 18v amp. These basses sound nothing like a precision bass, their tone is sterile too clean and lacks character. That is why you stick with a 4 string p bass.

  2. I agree that the bridge pup is not two Js 2 gether, but its a unique thing. The split p in the neck can sound like the original p with the right strings though.

  3. I actually *dislike* the P-Bass tone a great deal - I'm all about the mids that I find for lack of a better term... "hollow", which is why I'm a Jazz Bass/Custom Euro Bolt-On Spectors with Nordstrand "Big Single" pickups type-o'-guy... EXCEPT for the '95-'08 American Deluxe line. I found that the 50-75% of the Dual Coil added just enough mids and "oomph" to give me a Precision tone that I liked.

    I came across a near-mint 2000 "Crimson Red" (Transparent Red) Ash body/Maple neck 5-string (much like yours but with a 5-inline headstock) just about a year ago that I fell totally in love with, but it was *just* after moving and simply didn't have the cash on hand... and of course it was gone super-quick. I still hope to score one, but I've installed custom Nordstrand NP5 & DC5 in EMG shells and installed into an "open" Spector I had, which has very close to the Am Dlx sound but better string-spacing for my taste.

  4. make sure it has the rosewood freatboard or pao ferro as they called it.

    it would generally emulate the tone of the 62 p bass reissue on the neck pu.

    however the maple board one as pictured above sounds exactly like the 58 or 57-59 4 string custom shop p bass across all strings when you use only fender strings where E and B are tapper wound.

    you will get 100% same tone on this precision bass deluxe 5 as on the usual traditional 4 string models.