A Quick Intro

A Quick Intro

I've spent the last decade working in technology & marketing for both agency and private sector companies. I'd say what makes me unique is that I blend creative, technical, and people skills together. I specialize in helping businesses tell their story in this new digital world. The attention is on people's phones and social media. You need to connect with them there and speak their language.

That's why I started a VLOG, a Facebook Live show, a YouTube channel, and invest a lot more time these days as many social media platforms as I can like Anchor, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and any other place I see people hanging out online. You have to practice what you preach which is why I started Pidgeon Social with Greg. If you're interested in working with me/us, hit me up there.


In 2016, I did 167 video blogs to challenge my own creativity, storytelling, meet new people, and share some insight into my life.

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Thoughts on Work & Life

Social is The Great Online Party. Don’t be Larry.

February 13, 2017 Social Media, Strategy
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Have you ever met that super-creepy guy at a party who splits his time between talking about how…

The Easiest Way to Know if Your Facebook Page is Actually Doing Well

December 15, 2016 Analytics, Social Media
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Facebook. It’s kinda a big deal. Almost 2 Billion users. 22 million in Canada. 690,000 in Saskatchewan 170,000 in…

#AroundYQR: Get Fresh for Christmas

December 6, 2016 Around Regina
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If you came up on the short end of the Christmas-gift-name-picking stick and now have one of those…

Comparison is the Silent Killer

September 19, 2016 Business, Inspiration, Life Thoughts
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There is nothing that kills every ounce of creativity quite like comparison. Well, at least the wrong kind…

Dealing with Angry Customers on Social is Like a 19-Inning Blue Jays Marathon

July 7, 2016 Social Media
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I’m sorry if you don’t like sports, or, especially, baseball, but stick with me here – I think…

How to be a decent human being on Snapchat

June 27, 2016 Social Media, Work Life
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Snapchat is definitely my favourite social network right now. I love it because it’s real, authentic stories are…


I love integrating fantastic photos with real-time social media to create better engagement for your community.

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